Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interest in Pintrest!!

Sew.... my favorite thing ever!!! I use the word "so" like crazy and my favorite past time is needlecrafting aka hand-sewing!! And.... I love finding free patterns, ideas and basically reading up on things other folks have made and getting inspiration!

Now - note the totally cute embroidered doll designed by Hillary Lang of WeeWonderfuls fame, and handsewn by me and my girlie! Enter! I know I may be the last to jump on this fad - and in fact I actually started a pintrest board months ago and ended up getting booted for never actually pinning anything! At any rate - what a fantastic idea!!! I'm getting things lined up for church projects, mother-daughter projects, blog posts, presents.... seriously - I could spend all day looking through other people's projects and ideas and never get bored!! The question now is this - how to find the time for all the sewing my hands - and heart - long to do!!!

That's pretty much how I approach everything in life - loads of great ideas, lots of great intentions but TIME - where are you?! Ballance is something I struggle with constantly! If you're like me, and you have too much on your plate, too many balls in the air and your cup runneth over and over and over - there is hope! Or at least solace... We can be taught!!!

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom" Psalm 90:12

God wants to teach us so many things - not the least of which is how to make our days count - afterall, they are limited here on this earth... He wants our hearts desires to match His. He wants us to spend our time wisely... He wants us to learn to walk in His way and to follow Him! What excited me about this is that sometimes He leads me to quiet my mind in His pressence with a needle and thread in my hand. Sometimes, He teaches me through interacting with one of His greatest gifts to me - my little girl - as we explore the gift of design that He has given her! Somedays, I'm blessed to gain wisdom as I explore my hearts desire and learn lessons from those more experienced than I when it comes to pen & paper, scizzors, patterns, and life!

Get a little perspective. Explore what thrills your soul - and allow God to use those "teachable" moments as you gain a heart full of wisdom abounding in the knowledge of His great grace!

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